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Blocks Out Sound



Amazing natural elastic material absorbs the vibrations of sound

“These are Excellent!”
“As a hunter and outdoorsman I spend a lot of time at the shooting range. STOPS earplugs are excellent at blocking out the sound of loud gunfire. “
-Thomas Spencer, Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class, Washington


Waterproof and moldable ear plug seals out water, wont accidentally fall out

“Kids love these at the pool!”
“My children love to go swimming, but hate getting water in their ears. They often end up with ear aches because their old earplugs never stayed in. STOPS earplugs are custom fit and stay in at the pool. My kids love them because they don’t come loose.”
-Samantha Rain- Mom, California


Soft and Moldable


Soft, Comfortable, Perfect Fit

Seals without pressure and almost weightless. You’ll forget they are there.

“I have issues trying to fall asleep”
“I have tried basic earplugs, nothing has ever worked. STOPS really do fit in the ear, and they do block out noise.”
-Lesli Skye

Highly Re-Useable

Made to be re-used 30+ times per pair. A great value!

“Saving Money”
“I save a ton of money using STOPS instead of disposable foam earplugs. Each pair lasts so long!”
-Joseph Toral, Oregon


Super Re-Useable
All Natural


Safe, All Natural

Made from natural, biodegradable ingredients. STOPS earplugs won’t harm the environment.

“A Natural Prodigy”
“Chemically Based Foam and Silicone ear plugs fill up landfills by the billions. STOPS ear plugs are made from natural ingredients. This means less damage to the environment, and more good karma for you.”
-Kevin Sherouse, Washington

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Risk Free, Satisfaction Guarantee.

“Great Customer Service”
“Your Customer Support is amazing, Thank you!”
-Thomas Spencer, Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class, Washington


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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